The Tennessee Werewolves A new family trio bringing their rebel yell to the music world, They are making their debut with a sound they proudly own. If classic Outlaw Country and 70’s Rock had a baby you would name it…..

THE TENNESSEE WEREWOLVES! The Band Consist of Angel Mary on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Christian Wolf on Vocals and Drums, and Antoine Wolf on Vocals and Bass Guitar. Make no mistake this is a Family tradition.

Having a name as unique as this band, The Tennessee Werewolves have pushed forward on their music endeavors by reaching out and stepping out of the box. Chris Country out of the UK said “TTW run circles around the box, dance on top of the box, and dig holes under the box”


The name is derived from Johnny Cash and his song the "Beast in Me” from his American Recordings. This sparked the band to record Folsom Prison Blues, a song they hold close to heart. Not only did TTW record this new epic single at the Cash Cabin where the American Recordings were recorded but, they also had John Carter Cash co-producing the single and playing an acoustic track on it, giving it the "Cash" stamp of approval. It fittingly features Rob Caggiano of Volbeat on lead electric guitar and rocking blues notes from Kenny Olson of Kidrock.

It has been said, “Listening to TTW is like walking into an Old time Saloon, and getting kicked in the face with a new pair of boots” Hall of Fame Broadcaster Ed Salamon said “TTW are one of the best live bands I’ve seen in recent years.